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Apply For Farmer Invite

Why is FOODnext by invite only?

This key event serves as a the foundation to building a strong, well connected and high class network of AgTech leaders, decision makers, innovators and innovative farmers. Together with our partners we are building a global network to discuss and shape the future of agriculture and food at the highest level. To ensure a solid, reliable and powerful network we select participants and members together with current members and partners carefully based on experience, connection to agriculture and food and too a large extent on the value they will add to the whole.

Conference Ticket

Early Bird: 49 €​ (until 31.10.)

Late Bird: 119€ (from 01.11.)

How to get your ticket:

If you are selected, we will notify you after reviewing the application (this usually takes 3-4 days).

A couple of days later you will recieve an e-mail from eventbrite (ticketing system) to download your ticket.

Agritechnica Preview Day Ticket

65 € (online here)

81€ (at desk)

Please note: You require a Preview Day Ticket for the Agritechnica to enter the conference. The ticket will give you access to the entire faire during the exclusive "Preview Days". As the event is by invitiation only, there will be no tickets available at the conference. The application process takes you to Google Forms.

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